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Love And Happiness

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

Today I am so happy but not while I was working in the office. Why working is not fun anymore? I don’t know. Today I feel not well. I got cold. Anyway I believe love and happiness come together. When you do something you love, you’re happy. When you’re with someone you love, you’re happy. Love will make you do wrong. Love will make you do right. What’s love made you do when love do it to you. Some people wish to be in love (and be loved in return) every day for the rest of their lives. The greatest happiness in life is to love and be loved.

Today I had dinner with my family at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. There’re my Papa, Mama, Aunt Noo, P’Nuk and P’Oh. I love being with my family because I love them and they love me. I had been waiting for this moment all day. But there’s one thing ruined my mood when I was on the way. It made me feel so bored. That’s too much! Don’t make me hate you!

Homo-Erotic Images on Thai Paintings

Thai Painting

Cee has sent me an email said that Anjaree is doing an event this Saturday talking about homo paintings inside wats. Cee is going.

This event is called A Special Tour to View Homo-Erotic Images on Thai Traditional Mural Paintings

Saturday 17 February 2007, 11.00 – 16.00. Meeting Time is 11.00 and meeting place is at the ticket booth of the Bangkok National Museum. For more information, please click here.

Homosexual is nothing new. Some straight people like to ask ‘Why nowadays many gays and lesbains in the society more than before, maybe because it is ‘fashion on‘. I don’t think so. They just dare to come out from the closet because the society is more open and accept gay & lesbian.

Did you know that Alexander, King of Macedonia is bisexual? Even Elizabeth Arden is lesbian. She is businesswoman who built a cosmetics empire in the United States. Many gays & lesbians are around you but they don’t have to stick the sign “I’m gay” on their forehead to let you know. You gotta have ‘Gaydar‘ like I have ^^

Breads with Ham, Sausage & Bacon


I love breads from Yamazaki. Breads with ham, sausage, bacon and cheese baked into them. They are so delicious. When I feel tired and work hard, I would be so hungry. I am going to be chubby which I really don’t want to. I want to play badminton or tennis after work but I guess we don’t have time for that. People in Bangkok waste their time on bad traffic. We spend at least 1 hour on the road. If the public transportation here is good, no one would want to have a car. They will take a bus, train or boat but the public transportation sucks and dangerous. Only BTS and MRT are good but they didn’t go all around Bangkok.

I will be so old when there’s a BTS or MRT on Ramkhamhaeng Road. I think it’s so easy to solve bad traffic in Bangkok. Too many cars on the road because no one wants to take those damn buses. If they have only enough money, they go buy a motorcycle. Why can’t any goverment make good public transportation?

Actually I want to write about how chubby I am and how delicious of Yamazaki’s breads -“-

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Panda Elf

I like to call my mom ‘Panda‘ because she looks like Panda and she likes to grow bamboo as houseplants. So in this picture is Elf and My Mom. I have been so tired with work. I am not afraid of work load but I am dispirited. This client discourages me. I had to re-design more than 4 times for only 1 webpage (and I have to design about 11 webpages). She likes to pick one that not get along with the main design. I am loosing my confidence. I am so down and extremely bored. I don’t want to work with rush. I think because of me our work is running behind schedule. I even tried to design like the reference websites I saw. It didn’t work though.

I talked to my mom and she said “There is a proverb that says: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think it is true. This means that something or someone is beautiful, depending on the person who is looking”.

“When you rush and feel stressed, it shows in your design. Stop looking at those reference websites. You gotta focus on your client’s style and do what it takes to make it beautiful. That’s a big challenge”.

Make me proud, ok? You are my daughter. The daughter of a big decorator!” She giggled.

I suddenly realized how stupid I was. This is the reason how can I can stop my temper when I have to re-design.

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.Dolly Parton quotes.

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