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Greenery Path

Greenery Path

This path leads me from the car park to the office building. Every Monday to Friday, as I walk along this path I feel gay. I am gay and I feel gay LOL. It is good to work in suburban area. Fresh air, not so bad traffic and it is not so far from Thammasat, Rangsit.

I am going to be 30 years old in 18 days and for some reason I feel nervous by it. When I was 19 I think 30-something people were so old. I was desperately afraid I’m going be that old.

Sometimes I wanted to go to a temple or do some charity. I gathered some dolls and donated to outreach children. I come to the age of ‘go to a temple’ when my girlfriend wants to go to dance in a club – -“

Daily Horoscopes : Leo

I read my Leo, daily overview in (provided by

This isn’t the time to go solo with your projects — teamwork is the best way to go.


Sit down with your family or coworkers and talk about the blue-sky stuff that doesn’t come up all that often. At least one person is sure to be surprised by how optimistic the rest of the group is.

Online Shopping

Radish Cell Phone Strap

I bought this radish cell phone strap from, it’s convenience in purchasing “anytime, from anywhere, to anywhere”. I also ordered 3 t-shirts from, I was too lazy to go to Jatujak where the shop was.

I am waiting for Innisfree Olive Real Serum from, I want my face to be less blemishes.

For developing countries and low-income households in developed countries, adoption of e-commerce in place of or in addition to conventional methods is limited by a lack of affordable Internet access.

Auan, The Tailorbird

Auan, The Tailorbird

Auan, The Tailorbird

This was Auan, the baby tailorbird. N’Goy named him this because he was so chubby. He was one of the four babies in this small nest (please see the picture, Auan clinged on top of the nest). He was the first one that braved to fly. He was so cute. We watched him eat and sleep. It’s like Animal Planet.

There was a cat went around and round. The cat wanted to eat him. N’Goy saw this cat and chased it away. Auan was frightened. He flew to the building (about 9 metres away from the nest). He was tired of flying. He landed on the floor. He was in risk to be eaten. My Papa had to carry him back to the nest.

This morning, I went to study Japanese and N’Goy went to Thammasat University for examination. When we came back home in the afternoon, Auan and his family leaved the nest.

My mother said that they flew away. We really miss him. I hope one day Auan will come to visit us.

Olay – Ultra Whitening Treatment Mask

Whitening Treatment Mask

Last week, I bought OLAY® – White Radiance Ultra Whitening Treatment Mask. My face had blemishes and red spots because of using Nu Skin – Clear Action System, it made me experience acne than before instead of getting rid of it. I have stopped using it and threw it away!

Using this mask for 15 minutes action to help lighten skin tone and makes dark spots and blemishes less visible. There are 5 masks in the box. Each mask contains triple whitening essence with vitamin B3, mulberry extract, and TiO2. In 15 minutes of application, the mask can moisturize your skin and can help make your skin fairer. The eye-cover is specially designed to take care of the delicate skin around eyes.

This OLAY® – White Radiancereally works! My face looks fairer.

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Car Accident

Car Accident

Last week, i was in a car accident. I was on Vipavadi tollway. It was hard raining and the road was slicky. I couldn’t control my car. My car slided to the road wall. I tried to break and turned the wheel. A car hit my car from behind. I came out with my umbrella, I walked to the driver. I apologized him. He said it’s alright. He tried to break but his car also slided. He was nice. I called the car insurance. It took about 1 hour something to clear everything. There were 4 cars hit in this accident.

I felt sorry when I saw my car. My Papa said it will take 7 days to fix it. What a sad news.

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