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Bad Doctor

My mom was ill. She went to a hospital near my house. A doctor required her to admit to the hospital. She suspected my mom has gallstones. I and N’Goy went to see her after work. We were there talking to her, N’Goy gave her a leg massage. We waited for my papa to come with my mom’s personal effects.

While we were talking, there’s a doctor and a nurse came into the room. The doctor was yelling “How are you Pa?” Pa in Thai means “old lady”. I thought he was so snottie. He should call my mom with her name or Khun.  His manners are appalling. He pressed his finger on my mom’s belly asking whether she’s hurt. He pressed it so hard. She’s hurt, of course. He laughed like a lunatic. He treated my mom like a trash. He asked my mom what medicine she took before coming to the hospital. She said penicillin. He asked what kind of penicillin. She replied she’s not sure.

He turned to that nurse and said “What da fuck is that penicillin?” ยาเหี้ยอะไรวะ
That’s it. My enduringness has gone.

I asked him “What kind of a doctor are you?” เป็นหมออะไรพูดจาแบบนี้ ทำกับคนไข้แบบนี้
He yelled at me “What?” มันอะไรกัน
I said “The way you talked and did was so rude”. พูดจาแบบนี้ได้ไง แย่มาก
He said “It is the way I am. Do you have any problem? I can do or talk anything with the patients”. ก็ผมนิสัยแบบนี้จะทำไม ผมจะพูดอะไรยังไง กับคนไข้ก็ได้

I said “Fuck you”. หมอเหี้ยๆ

Then he started to chew me out. I called him many “Hia”. I never met this kind of doctor before. Especially he did it with my mom. I wanted to break his lips.

I wrote a complain letter but I believe nothing will happen to him. He said he’s the only surgeon in that department.

I searched his name in the google and found out that he was arrested once in charge of stealing kidney and liver. He will always be in that hospital. Thailand only!

The Sony Ericsson W580i

Sony Ericsson W580i

Today around 8.30 pm. I went to The Mall Bangkapi with N’Goy. I wanted to buy a new mobile phone. My Sony Ericsson W550i was broke 4 months ago. I had been using an imobile phone for temporary. We went to Blisstel shop on the 2nd floor. I have looked for a mobile in so when we arrived there, I simply said “I want the Sony Ericsson W580i“. I love the design and the price.

I let N’Goy choose the color for me. There’re white, black and grey. N’Goy picked the grey one. The white one looks good in the catalogue but for real I like the grey one more.

Finally I will hear the true tone when N’Goy calls me. I was so sick with imobile ring tone -“-

World Study Center – Education With A Global Vision

World Study Center

I finished one of my freelance jobs. World Study Center has been in the forefront of test prep schools in Thailand. They cater for both domestic and international students cramming for a variety of standardized exams, such as the IGCSE, IB, GED, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, GRE, GMAT, etc.

I was recommended to the owner of WSC by my friend, Orr. Orr and Tina work at WSC. You can see their lovely picture in the teacher page.

I still have 2 more freelance jobs to do. I feel tired but web design is what I love to do. I also have to build and update.


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