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Why Block YouTube?

To disagree with blocking the entire site of YouTube is making me not love my King? I think you’re wrong. I found out this very good article click here to read ,it’s exactly like what I think and also this one.

Foreigners mostly don’t understand our love to our King because they don’t have any King like we have. I like many comments that posted to the video.

Ignorance won’t take you far my friend. The king does not give out rice, but with his own determination he has structured the country’s farmland, educated people, built bridges and several projects, that’s why the world hails him as the developmental King…educate yourself…you will never see a more sacrificing King and that’s why people love in.. nothing to do with birthright… i’m a foreigner who lived in thailand and I respect the King for that

Not like what you know. Every society need the regulation to protect. Thai won’t do/say anything bad to the Royalty because Culture/Tradition/Spiritual inside. Just like to Jesus/Mohammad/GrandFather/GrandMother.The Technology is gone so far, We can’t control young un-educated person from doing crazy behavior. So purpose of every law is for that. The swiss man did it obviously on the King’s birthday. But He will never go to the real jail. If you come to Thailand,you will know.

this is pathetic. At least learn about the country you are insulting before you post disgusting things like this. if you have an opinion than state in a polite intelligent way instead something childish like this. This isn’t funny, it just shows that you are ignorant of the world, other customs, and cultures.

I know there’re many sites like YouTube to post and view videos but that’s not the point. It’s the way we fight for someone we love.

Read more about Why Block YouTube click here.

Kumquat Trees

Kumquat Trees

This is the kumquat tree in my house. The English name “kumquat” derives from the Cantonese. In Thai, it is somchíd (ส้มจี๊ด). Kumquats are known as a tonic and have diuretic and laxative properties.

The differences between orange and kumquat – Orange trees are evergreen trees. They grow 8 to 15 m. high. The kumquat plant is a shrub that grows up to 4m. high. Oranges are eaten by hand and squeezed a lot. Kumquats are eaten raw with the edible skin. The kumquat is like a citrus fruit. It is the most well known of the sort fortunella which is closely related to Citrus.

Why am i writing about an orange and a kumquat? Because I have 4 trainees in my work company during this summer. I think they’re like kumquats. They’re fresh, bright and small. Small in this case means when you’re young and lack of experience, you may feel you’re small. They are raw but you can eat them. They’re valued in their own ways. Why you need to squeeze them and make them be an orange so soon?

Teaching is not easy, especially if you want to create one hell good designer. You gotta rip his ‘art soul’ out of his darkness. You have to teach strong basic to let them grow well. The best way to learn is to work hard at it; the best way to teach is not to let the students notice they’re working hard. Each teacher has her/his personal teaching style, you have to respect not discredit.

“Fruit tree fruit tree…no one knows you but the rain and the air…don’t you worry They’ll stand and stare when you’re gone… Fruit tree, fruit tree open your eyes to another year. They’ll all know that you were here…When you’re gone”.

Calmly Sunday

Lotus Basin

I woke up at 9.30 am. I lazily stretched myself and smell my bedsheet and my pillow then I fell asleep again.

I had a fresh tuna sandwich. I watched TV then I had porkchop as my lunch. After that I washed my car. My mom asked me to take picture of her orchids and other flowers around the house. So the picture you see here is the lotus basin in my house. There’re many lives in the basin, fishes and small insects.

I fell asleep again in the afternoon -“-

Badminton Extreme

Play Badminton

I and my colleagues play badminton twice a week and 2 hours both because it makes me relax and healthy. I play for a good two hours continuously with minimal breaks just to drink and replenish. I play tennis since I was 7 years old. I never played as the duo though. I am always a single player.

In tennis, I went all out trying to play as fast as I could with the energy I had so I am a badminton duo bum. I am not very good at it but I enjoy the game.

I choose tennis over badminton. Do you know the main difference between badminton and tennis? They are just completely different sports. The net is higher in badminton, the court is also smaller. Tennis has a ball that can bounce once before hitting it.

Contrary to popular belief badminton is actually the faster sport, and to be honest I think you need to be fitter to play it than you do tennis. You need faster reactions for badminton, particularly doubles. If you look at the tops guys in tennis, they tend to be over 6 foot, big sturdy guys. This is an ideal physique for tennis but not badminton. Top badminton singles players tend to be a lot leaner, although height is still an advantage.

Thailand blocks YouTube

Thailand blocks YouTube for clip mocking king
By Reuters


Ministry of Information and Communication Technology blocked access to video-sharing Web site YouTube on Wednesday after its owner, Google, declined to withdraw a video clip mocking the country’s monarch.

Communications Minister Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom told Reuters he ordered a block of the entire site from Thailand after the ministry’s attempts to block the offending page last week failed.

“Since Google has rejected our repeated requests to withdraw the clip, we can’t help blocking the entire site in Thailand,” said Sitthichai, a telecommunications professor who said he had spent most of his academic life researching eavesdropping devices.

“When they decide to withdraw the clip, we will withdraw the ban,” he said.

Read more click here.

What a tragedy! I need youtube. It’s my entertainment at work! Geeze… I wish that stupid head who posted the offending clip burn in hell!

Anyway I disagree with blocking the whole site of YouTube dot com. Even If I saw that clip, it wouldn’t change any thing. I still love my King. You gotta have more faith in Thai people that we have our own judgement whether it’s right or wrong. Blocking is not the best solution here. We are democracy.

Vision Of You

Album ‘Runaway Horses’ released by Virgin Records as catalogue no CDV 2599 in 1989. Produced by Rick Nowels.

Time moves a summer wind. I can see your face again. Was it such a tragedy Being you … Being me?

Smoke clears,the pictures fades but I stay back in yesterday. All the strangers come and go. All of them will never know …

Nobody’s touch feels like your touch. Nobody’s gets to me that much. Nobody’s kiss moves me inside. And I have nowhere left to hide. Tell me what can I do? I have a vision of you. Tell me what can I do with this vision of you.

Did I walk? Did you run? What’s the way to love someone? Oh my Darling did we know. What it meant when we let go.

How can a candle ever burn so bright? Casting a shadow on my life. I am blinded by your light even without you.

I let it slip through my fingers

P’Nuk, my brother was the one to let me know many songs in 1980s while we had no cable TV (which means we couldn’t watch MTV). He loves to listen to music.This song is ‘Hang on to your love’ by Jason Donovan.

Do you get just one chance in your life to find a love that’s yours completely. I’ve made only one mistake in my life the day I let you leave me.

And if I search the whole world over, I’ll never find a love so right. Hang on to love when your find it. Never waste your golden chances. Never make mistakes like I did. Hang on to your love, and never let go

Just to think I had the world in my hands and I let it slip through my fingers. I guess I didn’t know what I had. It’s just a memory that lingers.

And it’s too late to say I’m sorry. I looked around, and she was gone.

Hang on like there’s no tomorrow. Always be there when she calls you. There’s a path that you should follow. Hang on to your love, and never let go.

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