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Nokia : Go Play

My Business Card

I am becoming a freelance web designer, work from home. I badly want to have a laptop! *shout*

Anyway as I told you that I have a chance to go to Singapore on 29-31 August with Nokia. They invited me as a blogger to their ‘Nokia: Go Play’. They said ‘Join us at Nokia: Go Play and see how the latest
developments will change the way we experience
and share the things that inspire us’.

The invitations are already being send out or have already reached various bloggers and other tech medias.

So I thought I better do my business card to spread out in the event. I’m broke though. I designed it in black and white. I went to a printing shop in MBK and it costs only 250 baht for 100 business cards. Cheap!

I haven’t extended my passport yet but I gave my info about my passport number and ID card number to them already.

I shouldn’t be broke when I’m in Singapore! I want to shop! I can’t! What a pity! Anyway Azzah, my friend will come to take me for a dinner though. Great!



P’Nuk came back from Hong Kong tonight. He gave me Paris Hilton 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray as an advance birthday present. He also kindly gave me L’Occitane Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate. I have wanted to buy it for awhile but no money. My face will be more clearer and brighter. It will reduce my pores *bouncing*

And he gave me 2 Nightmare Before Christmas‘ keyrings and a passport cover. He gave N’Goy the Mark & Spencer bath gel. Thank you P’Nuk naka.

Yesterday I went to Novotel Siam Square and had buffet lunch there. I love their chocolate eclair. I ate a lot. I already gained more weights!

They wanted my advices on a website but in the end they asked me whether I can do the whole website. I have to send them the quotation as soon as I could and prepare the demo design. I don’t even have Microsoft office in my computer. I thought it’s not essential. Now I desperately need it.

Tomorrow I gotta go get it.

KFC, Original Recipe

KFC, Original Recipe

Today I woke up at 8:30 am, and got up at 9 am which really isn’t bad considering I went to bed at 3 am. I feel like I am wasting the day, if I don’t get up early. There is so much I can be catching up on, so many things to do. I just love to live life to it’s fullest, and live every minute I can of it.

I had hot dogs for breakfast. I turned on my computer as usual to check my emails, chat with friends and find a job. I talked to Nan and she remided me to draw her as a cartoon. I did forget so I draw it (not finish though). I talked to N’Joobjib and she said she likes ‘The Adventure of Garbagie‘. I also talked to Pom and Sherryz. Thank you for your supports. Some of my blog fans may wonder why I wanted to be back to be a flight attendant. It’s simply. I wanted to change my work field. I was bored working at the latest company. It’s nothing to lose while I’m unemployed. If I fail then I know that at least I did try.

So now I am looking for a web design job. I went to get an interview at a music company in Lad Prao. They like me but they can’t afford my expected salary. Too bad.

For lunch, I had KFC – 2 pieces of chicken and whipped mashed potatoes with brown gravy. My favourite menu is Fish Finger. It’s so delicious! I watched ‘Never Been Kissed‘ on True Visions. I like this movie so I enjoy watched it again and again.

Tomorrow I will go to Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square. They invited me for lunch and to talk about a website.

At the end of this month, I am lucky to go to Singapore with Nokia. They sent me the invitation days ago (The email that I thought it was a spam).

Now my brother and his love are in Hong Kong to celebrate his birthday. He’s 31 years old!

I Am Back

Wooden Figure

I am back online. I just got ADSL signal from True Hi-speed. They came to set it up at my house on Tuesday. I haven’t check my mail box for days. I have a ton of spam emails (not love emails) but I found an email was very interesting! I hope it’s not too late to reply though. I almost delete it. I thought it was a spam email.

It’s been a month that I am unemployed. I am so happy doing nothing but I have to find a job to earn money, do I?

When I am at home, I do painting. I practice my skill. I want to re-do my Penny project. This wooden figure is my first acrylic painting on paper after I drop it for years.

This Monday, I will go to a company to talk to the HR. I hope it will be a good news.

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