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Do It For Fun(ds)


Yesterday 6 p.m. I had meeting with Sheridan Conisbee, President & Co-Founder of Soi Dog Rescue and Khun Ti at the British Club). I walked from my office (in Boonmitr Building) to Silom soi 18. They seemed very nice. Khun Conisbee asked me how do I know SDR and why I want to be a volunteer.

I told her that it’s all because of Elf. He’s my beagle. He has passed away. He has inspired me in many ways. I love him dearly and I miss him so much. I want to do something great and dedicate it to him. So here I am, offer to do SDR’s Thai website for free. Khun Conisbee asked me how he died. My tears almost drop when I told her. I miss Elf terribly. . .

Anyway I would like to ask you guys, please impel the animal protection act of legislation by sending postcard with your real name to ;

ตู้ ปณ.118 ปณจ. ราชดำเนิน เขตพระนคร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10200

Read more detail click here. It would do so much help for animals.

Different Mode


Lately I and my colleagues are tired because of hard work. Our work company is growing. With great power comes great responsibility. I am happy working here because my colleagues are nice and we always help each other. New comer in the team is Toon, the programmer and my university friend, Gib will join our team soon.

I constantly think if I weren’t a web designer, what else could I be. Sometimes I think I ain’t no good web designer. I want to just disappear from the world. If I am not web designer for Mode2, I won’t be a web designer for any company. This company will be my last because it’s the best place for me.

But what else could I be. . .

Is that our Elf?

A Doll

This is not ghost in the photo. Do you know what it is? After using this magnifying glass, you probably see that it is a dog doll. I asked my mom why it is up there, she said she doesn’t know. One day she saw this doll and she has no idea where it comes from. Does anyone do ‘voodoo’ in my house?

It looks so much like Elf (my dearest beagle who has passed away). I stared at this doll and I think it guards my house. I think of Elf. I miss him very much :'(

When I feel down and my work is tough, I’d just wanna hold him tight.

Thailand Blogger Meeting’s Cup

Blogger Cup

This cup is cute, isn’t it? It is a souvenir from Thailand Blogger Meeting 2007. I didn’t go but P’Keng kindly gave this cup to me. I designed it (using my cartoon as same as the event’s banner) and Redtor.Com has produced 10 cups.

My mom collects coffee cups so I gave it to her today. She likes it a lot (of course). What if I created Juth.Net™ Coffee Cup? Who would wanna buy? Please email me ^^

Kidding there. I might be the only one who want it.

Kita Back To The Future Concert

Kita Back To The Future Concert

On Saturday night, I had a chance to go to Kita Back To The Future Concert at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon. My Papa and Mama took me to BTS Thonglor and then I took BTS to Paragon. I met P’Nuk at Au Bon Pain.

It was really fun concert. I could see my favourite singers when I was a teenager like T-skirt, Dr. Kids, U-4, Fundee Funden, Anna, Pongpat, Andrea, etc.

I like most of artists in Kita records because I love pop music ^^ Anyway Autobahn was amazing that night. When he sang ‘Ton Dai Ton Pai’, I felt so touching. Honey Passorn and Anne Ankana (Malila Brasillian) were sexy.

People went crazy when M Surasak, Aom Sunisa and Aof Pongpat were on stage. It was a wonderful night.

But Siam Paragon is not a good place to do concert. It took 1 hour to get out from the car park -“-

Densha Otoko

Densha Otoko

On Friday night, I watched VCD ‘Densha Otoko‘. It is a Japanese movie, TV series, manga, novel, and other media, all based on the purportedly true story of a twenty-three year old otaku (Otaku is a Japanese pejorative term used to refer to a variety of geek/nerd particularly one obsessed with computers, or anime and manga), who intervened when a drunk man was harassing a pretty women on a train, and who himself ultimately begins dating her.

The actor is Takayuki Yamada and the actress is Miki Nakatani. I think this story is very cute. I like it a lot especially Nakatani-san ^^

Kao, The Tiny Angel


This is Kao. Kao means grain, rice grain in Thai. She’s 10 months and no she’s not my daughter. I bought this cherry dress and white sweater for Kao. I enjoy buying cloths for her.

At my parent’s apartment, we have a maid, named Mrs. Pranee. She has 1 son and 1 daughter. Nui is her daughter. Mrs. Pranee has been working here for more than 10 years. I saw Nui since she’s a kid. She’s younger than me about 10 years. Kao is Nui’s daughter. Kao is in my family census record for some reasons. My parents support them the diapers, baby foods, baby milk, etc. So I support them on fashion -“-

Kao became our angel here. She likes to smile a lot. Sometimes people like to ask me whether I ever thought about having a baby. I admit I want to have my own child but I can’t. I am lesbian. They like to ask ‘Who will take care of you when you’re old?‘. This question is like FAQ for gay & lesbian. In my view, firstly you have to think ‘Why do you want to have a child?‘ If the famous reason is having someone to look after you when you’re old. I personally take that idea is like an invesment. You will give hope and expect your child to be what you want. To get high education. To get high salary so he/she can support you when you’re old.

It’s a risky business, don’t you think? What if, your son/daughter doesn’t want to look after you when you’re old and send you to a almshouse? What if, your son/daughter dies before you? What if, your son/daughter got bad illness and not be able to look after you but you gotta look after him?

You can’t expect the future to be. I am not afraid of life when I am old. I niether don’t want to adopt a child because I am afraid him/her will be teased by their friends that he/she has gay parents. Thai society is not ready for that. For this case, I could give love and care without being an owner or want something in return.

I would love to give Kao high education without asking her to use my last name, or take her from her family, or teach her to love me, or tell her to take care of me when I am old. I only want to give when I can.

Sometimes I think gay/lesbian could support so many children who were abandoned by straight people. It’s the balance of the society.

Thailand Blogger Meeting 2007

Thailand Blogger Meeting 2007 will take place 21st January 2007 at Baan Rai Cafe (Ekamai) from 1-4 PM. Please read more information here.

Are you a blogger? Don’t miss out this meeting OK? All bloggers in Thailand will come to this meeting! Anyway I made this banner for P’Keng. The yellow shirt guy in the banner is him.

Mama’s Lecture

Mom's Cross-stich

I went to see my Papa and Mama yesterday. My mom lectured me for like an hour. It was all about my hot-headed. My Papa always teaches me to be cool. My Mama lectures me constantly. But I am still the same. She even tried to find some methods like doing “mantra”. My mom said when she does cross-stich, she feel calm. It made her not being hot-headed.

This picture is her current work. She makes it for my sister. I am easily to get angry. Yesssss Yeahhh! That’s ma baddd. I am also sick of being this way too! For Christ’s sake! It’s tiring, you see. When I am angry, I feel so tired. Things just seem unsatisfied. Everything is irritating.

I am so tired of trying to stop my explosion. I know it’s not good, I know I know! Sometimes I feel regret for what I have done. I didn’t mean to. I was sorry. I can’t turn back the time.

Mama said no one will forgive you like I and Papa do.

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