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The Wanderer

My Drawing

I went to Bangkok Airways but my height is 161 cm. They need minimum 162 cm. I did lost my weight before I went there. I could make it 49 kg. Unfortunately I can’t get more height. It’s not like loosing weight.

I didn’t have any chance to get an interview because my height didn’t reach their minimum standard. Some girls couldn’t go through because over weight. For example, if your height is 162 cm. your weight can’t exceed 49 kg. They need super model coz their slogan is ‘Asia’s Boutique Airline’. I decided to quit trying to come back to be a flight attendant. I won’t go to try for Emirates niether.

From now on I will eat and eat and eat *giggle*

Today I went to Siam Square to have my hair cut. No need long hair to be a flight attendant anymore. *hooray*

I bought new canvas shoes, Converse. Then I went to have lunch with Noom at Emporium. Noom is also an unemployed like me. Isn’t it great?! She is taking a fashion design course though. So I realize that since I have free time, I should do my Penny project.

C’est La Vie

I don’t pass the 2nd round of Thai Air Asia’s cabin crew recruitment. What a sad news. Why it is so hard?! I’m not their type, I guess. You can see the result here. I stare at it long enough to know that there’s no my name.

I hate to disappoint people who believe in me. I am sorry. I did my best I could.

Thank you for your support. I won’t give up though.

Tomorrow I will go for Bangkok Airways.

Short Updates

Cabin Crew Juth

I become an offline person. I don’t online window live messenger, check email or update my blog. What happened to me? I am still unemployed though so if you’re interested in having a website, please contact me.

On July 17, I went to ‘Thai Air Asia 2nd round interview’ at Rama Garden. I did dance, do the walking and do stupid acting. For 2nd round, I am one of the chosen 150 candidates and they will choose only 60 girls to go for attitude test. I think they want 30 girls to be their flight attendants. I did my best I could. I am not sure if I could be one of the lucky 60 girls.

On July 24, I will go for Bangkok Airways flight attendant recruitment. I am not sure whether my height will reach their minimum standard (-“-)

At least I will go there and try. It’s nothing to lose. Wish me luck na.

The Adventure of Garbagie

The Adventure of Garbagie

This is the campaign about seperating the garbage. The Adventure of Garbagie is the story about a garbage named Garbagie who wanted to find out what kind of garbage he is. The story written by N’Goy and all cartoon characters were designed by me. I want to make it be a children book someday. Meanwhile you can view it as a rough flash movie by clicking here.

There is still a lot of recycleable stuffs that we dumps in our garbage daily. People always used the excuse that they had no time, so I guess thats why they still throws the garbage out without knowing what they really put in there.

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